‘ELSEWORLDS’ Crossover Set Photos Feature Barry & Oliver In Swapped Roles

This year, there are many things happening in the Arrowverse. The biggest thing is the annual crossover. The crossover, titled Elseworlds  will feature Ruby Rose premiering as Batwoman. Also, the crossover will have Barry and Oliver swapped as heroes. Yes, Barry will be the Green Arrow, and Oliver will be the Flash. This has raised many eyebrows and peaked tons of interest. Set photos have surfaced showing off our favorite heroes in their new uniforms.

The set photos show Grant Gustin in his Green Arrow outfit and Stephen Amell as the Flash. The crossover is scheduled to premiere in December. There are a lot more questions to be answered, but these leaked images are amazing. The images aren’t perfect, but they do shed light on what we are going to see in the crossover as far as Barry and Oliver are concerned. Again, there are still questions to be answered. There is one thing that is for certain tho, these guys look the part in either superhero uniform.

Here are the tweets featuring the photos:

These are just some of the set photos that have surfaced. There are also videos and more online. We’ve seen Tyler Hoechlin in the black Superman outfit. We’ve seen Ruby in her costume for the time. There’s a ton of things to be excited about, and this just adds more things to the list if excitement. We’ve seen the poster, but now we’ve seen them in actual uniform in photos. They look amazing, and now we just have to wait until December to see it all come together.

Are you guys excited about the crossover? Are you ready to see Barry and Oliver switch roles? Tweet us @SuperBroMovies with your thoughts!

Source: YVR Shoots

Rascal F. Kennedy

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