First Look At Thomas Wayne In New ‘JOKER’ Set Photos

After that demented make-up reveal, followed by a series of set photos and videos showing Joaquin Phoenix suited up as the Clown Prince of Crime, the latest photo from Todd Phillips’s Joker focuses on a much different aspect of the film.

Via JustJared, a new batch of set photos has revealed our first real look at Thomas Wayne, as played by Brett Cullen:


As we’ve heard back when Alec Baldwin was playing the role, Wayne was described as a cheesy businessman not unlike 1980s Donald Trump. Although this is just one image of Wayne walking down the street, that approach appears to have carried over. Brett Cullen, known for playing corrupt congressman Byron Gilley in The Dark Knight Rises, certainly is no stranger to playing roles of the sketchy variety.

However, what really convinces that this is the approach they are taking is a prior photo taken just before this one, where Joaquin Phoenix’s pre-Joker Arthur Fleck trips near Wayne, carrying some sort of photo or list.


From a point of pure speculation, it appears as though Fleck has something he really wants to tell Wayne, before being shut out coldly by him. Whether or not Wayne is really the villain Fleck sees him as is unclear, but what is clear is that he will form a key part of Fleck’s development into the Joker.

Fans might be in uproar over the Waynes having such a large part in the Joker’s origin. Nevertheless, the grimy 1980s setting and these fresh character dynamics are making Joker more intriguing by the minute. Hopefully Todd Phillips delivers on the promise of all we’ve been seeing so far.

What do you think of this first look at Thomas Wayne in Joker? How do you think his presence will affect the development of Arthur? Let us know on twitter @superbromovies!

James Preston Poole

Source: JustJared


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