Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy Confirms The ‘BOBA FETT’ Solo Movie Is Dead

Disney and Lucasfilm have launched Star Wars back into the spotlight over the last few years, breaking records left and right and telling exciting new stories in the galaxy far, far away. With the untitled Episode IX just on the horizon for December of next year, we’re left wondering what might follow. Unfortunately, there’s one Star Wars Story that we can rule out for certain.

Erick Weber of Critic’s Choice spoke with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, where she confirmed to him that the long rumored Boba Fett solo film is no longer in development.

Instead, Lucasfilm plans to focus on Jon Favreau’s upcoming TV series, The Mandalorian. While it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not the fan favorite bounty hunter will appear on the show, there’s a fair chance based on the title alone. The reason for the film’s cancellation wasn’t given, though the disappointing performance of Solo: A Star Wars Story could take the blame. Disney CEO Bob Iger himself has acknowledged a desire to scale back on releasing too many Star Wars projects at once, and this could be the first taste of Lucasfilm’s new outline for the franchise.

There were rumors of Logan director James Mangold taking the reigns for a Boba Fett film, but it now seems we can set aside any hope we had for a spinoff starring Han Solo’s green clad rival. Instead, we eagerly await The Mandalorian and all the Star Wars goodies it’ll bring along with it.

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Danny O’Brien

Source: Erick Weber

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