Significant Drop In Viewership Is Reportedly To Blame For ‘IRON FIST’ & ‘LUKE CAGE’ Cancellations

We may finally know the real reason Netflix decided to cancel Iron Fist and Luke Cage. According to ScreenRant, a significant drop in viewership is to blame for both shows untimely end. 

Our friends at ScreenRant spoke to analytics company Jumpshot and received intel as to why the streaming giant decided to pull the plug on the two Marvel series. Jumpshot tracks online consumer behavior over millions of devices every day, which allows them to gather intel on how streaming services like Netflix and Hulu perform. With Netflix not publically releasing viewership numbers, this may be the only information we receive about the cancellations.

Now to the meat of the topic, how bad was the viewership? According to Jumpshot, Luke Cage and Iron Fist lost around 60% of its viewership from Season One to Season Two. That is a massive drop-off and makes it clear that it would have been difficult to continue the series’ if it dropped any lower.

Many assumed that poor viewership is what ultimately killed the Finn Jones led Iron Fist. But, with Luke Cage, it was reportedly a different situation. News of behind-the-scenes tension between Netflix and Marvel regarding the series, made it seem that the two just couldn’t see eye-to-eye and eventually just let the series die. Well, if the stats from Jumpshot are accurate, Netflix may have had some reason to be wary.

Are you disappointed that Iron Fist and Luke Cage were canceled? Let us know in the comments below! -Jackson Hayes

Source: ScreenRant

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