Andrew Lincoln To Star As Rick Grimes In 3 ‘THE WALKING DEAD’ Original Films For AMC

Arguably the greatest lead TV character to ever exist, Rick Grimes, will be starring in feature films for AMC’s The Walking Dead. Andrew Lincoln has signed on to star in multiple original The Walking Dead films for the company, and the films will be written by The Walking Dead Chief content officer Scott Gimple. The films could start seeing production by next year.

Andrew Lincoln exited the show recently, and it caused a bit of a stir. There were plenty of rumors as to why he decided to exit the show, but ultimately we’ll never know. This seems like it could’ve been the reason though. He left the TV show in order to do these feature films for the network.

Speaking on the films, Gimple said:

“We have a lot on the horizon starting with a new epic featuring one of the greatest leading actors in television history and one of the best people I’ve ever met. These films are going to be big evolutions of what we’ve been doing on the show, with the scope and scale of features. We’re starting with the first part of the continuing story of Rick Grimes, and there is much more on the way, featuring yet-unseen worlds of ‘The Walking Dead’ and faces from the show’s past, as well as new characters we hope to become favorites, told by TWD veterans and emerging voices. We want to break new ground with different, distinct stories, all part of the same world that’s captured our imagination for nearly a decade of the Dead.”

Gimple seems very optimistic about these films and this new venture. Lincoln has been the face of this television series since 2009. This deal solidifies his spot and will help the series branch out. There are a lot of elements to what’s going on, but it seems it may be for the best. The Walking Dead has become a phenomenon with a cult-like following around the States.

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Source: Variety

Rascal F. Kennedy

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