Leaked ‘WATCHMEN’ Set Photos Provide Our First Look At A Classic Watchmen Hero

Its been sometime since we’ve heard anything about HBO’s upcoming Watchmen series, but it seems that may be changing soon. Recently, a new photo from the set of the series leaked giving us a look at a classic Watchmen character, which hopefully could mean we will finally get some real news from HBO about the progress and story of the show.

The new set photo from HBO’s Watchmen features one of the classic Minutemen who predated the Watchmen, Hooded Justice.

The new set photo features the same advertisement for the show ‘American Hero Story: Minutemen’ that we have seen in previous set photos. It is likely that they could use this show to tell the story of the original heroes of the Watchmen universe concurrently with the present day setting of the Watchmen. However, given that we still know next to nothing about the show it is too early to theorize.

Hopefully, this new image will help spur along some updates about the show from HBO, such as casting or some promotional material. So to stay updated on all this stay tuned to SuperBroMovies.

Are you excited for HBO’s Watchmen? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter what you think. – Jacob Campbell

Source: Watchmen Brasil


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