Chris McKay Set To Direct ‘JONNY QUEST’ For Warner Bros.

Jonny Quest is finally coming to the silver screen with Chris McKay set to direct the movie adaptation of the popular Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

The project has gone through some growing pains since its announcement. Robert Rodriguez originally attached to direct the project with Teryy Russo and Dan Mazeau writing previous drafts of the screenplay. However, it seems that Warner Bros. has settled on a direction by bringing Chris McKay on to direct.

McKay is best known for his work editing The Lego Movie and directing The Lego Batman Movie, but he’s been gaining some momentum in Hollywood lately with the announcements that he would direct Nightwing and the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons film for Paramount.


Warner Bros. brought in Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich to produce. Lin is best known for his work producing The Lego Movie franchise, It, and 2019’s Aladdin. Eirich produced 2017’s adaption of Death Note and he’s also a producer on Aladdin.

The series followed super kid Jonny Quest, his father Dr. Benton Quest, his sidekick Hadji, his ex-government agent bodyguard Race Bannon, and their dog Bandit as they fly around the world solving mysteries and beating any bad guy in their way.

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Source: The Wrap

A release date for ‘Jonny Quest’ has not been announced.

 Young adventurer, Jonny Quest, joins his scientist father along with his brother, Hadji, and his pet bulldog, Bandit, in extraordinary escapades around the world. A live-action feature based on the animated Hanna-Barbera series, “Jonny Quest”.

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