Leaked ‘WATCHMEN’ Set Photos Could Confirm Major Character Death

It looks like set photos from HBO’s Watchmen are hitting the web once again cause this morning a new series of set photos have begun to hit the web. The new photos from set feature what looks to be a scene from the present day. It features a number of police officers dressed in the same uniforms featured in that last teaser image by HBO for the series. But that’s not what makes these new pics interesting.

It was reported by a number of bystanders watching the scene that the police officers in question were part of a funeral procession. And this is what makes these new photos very interesting, as they may have just confirmed the death of a major Watchmen characters.


In a previous leak from the set, it was revealed that in this timeline Ozymandias has died, and we have come to believe that this funeral procession is for him. The past leak featured a newspaper from The Tulsa Sun with the headline, “Veidt Officially Declared Dead” and at the time it was not known if he had faked his death or if the character was truly dead. But this new set of photographs could suggest there has been a major death and we believe that it is that of Adrian Veidt.

It is interesting to see that HBO’s Watchmen has decided to kill off such a fan favorite character, but we are still very curious how they are going to do it. Hopefully, these leaks from the set will reveal some more information about the series. So to stay up to date on the show stay tuned to SuperBroMovies.

Do you think the funeral procession is for Ozymandias? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter what you think! – Jacob Campbell

Source: Twitter

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