Leaked ‘WATCHMEN’ Set Photos Reveal Where The Series Takes Place In Canon; Features Multiple Major Connections To The Orignal

The most recent leak from the set of HBO’s Watchmen may have just revealed the most about the upcoming series. Thus far we have spotted some looks at some of the series stars and a few connections to the original series but the new leaks seem to feature much more. And it may have just revealed where in canon this series takes place.

The new leak features a number of newspapers each revealing a new piece of information about the series.

The first image features a sign reading “No One Knows How To Stop The Squidfalls”. This was hinted at in the past but it looks like it is now confirmed the fake alien attacks staged by Ozymandias in the original Watchmen have continued to the present day. A number of other papers also seem to refer to the Squidfalls so it looks like this will be a major factor in the series when it airs. But it is not the only major connection to the source material spotted onset.

Another newspaper headline stated, “Keene To Announce Run For President”. Firstly it revealed that the major role James Wolk, who was revealed to be starring in the series, will be as a politician on the show. But for fans of Watchmen, this name will sound familiar as it was the Keene Act in 1977 that outlawed costumed vigilantes. As can be seen in the newspaper this story will take place in the present day so it could mean this Keene is the son of the original John David Keene who passed the Act.

It will be interesting to see if this Keene still believes in the outlawing of vigilantes or if he differs in opinion. But I am also curious why the Squidfalls have continued to present day. Hopefully though we will soon learn more about the series as it draws closer but for now stay tuned to SuperBroMovies for any updates.

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Source: Watchmen Brasil


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