Sebastian Stan Talks Bucky Taking Up Captain America’s Mantle In The MCU

The Avengers 4 reshoots are done. Chris Evan’s could very well be done playing Captain America for the foreseeable future in the MCU. Now, in the comics, Bucky and most recently Falcon take up the shield of Captain America. The speculation has been real, on social media the memes and photoshops are everywhere. We also know that Bucky and Falcon may be getting their own show on Disney+. The shield of Cap will definitely have to be given away if Steve Rogers dies in Avengers 4.

Sebastian Stan recently was on the Jimmy Kimmel show, and he spoke about Bucky taking up the shield of Captain America. When speaking on the matter he stated:

“No, no. Not really, no. It’s usually, like, you know, it’s like a dream. It just sort of – people might mention something but it’s never – we never go that way.”

It seems as of right now, The Winter Soldier won’t take up Cap’s shield. Though, eventually it could happen. We will see as things continue to evolve and shift within the MCU. With many of the characters now getting solo films and TV shows, things may happen differently. The possibility of Bucky or Falcon taking up the shield is still possible.

Here’s the full clip here:

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Source: MCU Cosmic

Rascal F. Kennedy

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