New Leaked ‘WATCHMEN’ Set Photos May Offer A Look At A Flashback Scene

As of late a number of set photos from HBO’s Watchmen have begun to hit the web and as a result, we now have no idea what is going on with this show. The images haven’t given us any real idea of what the show is about and has left us with more questions than answers. However, one thing we may know is that we will have some scenes set in the past thanks to one of our first looks at the set. And a new leak may further support this theory.

In the most recent set of images, we have gotten a look at what could be a scene set in the past.

As you can see the individuals in the images above appear to be dressed in period garb. We have been informed that the series will take place in the present so it doesn’t seem likely this scene takes place in the present. However, it is still quite hard to tell what is going on in the scene.

We are hopeful we’ll soon get some news on the show from HBO so to make sure you don’t miss anything stay tuned to SuperBroMovies.

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Source: Watchmen Brasil

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