Character Lineup For ‘THE ETERNALS’ Revealed

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is looking to expand in ways the fans surely never thought they would. The Eternals will bring a whole new section of the comics never explored within the movies and that should excite you. Today, thanks to ThatHashtagShow, we have a lineup of the characters set to appear in the film.

Perhaps most notably included in the lineup is none other Starfox, the brother of The Mad Titan Thanos. Could his inclusion in the film hint at a possible Avengers 4 cameo or even more? A few months back it was noted that Jim Starlin, the creator of Thanos and Starfox, would have a second credit for Avengers 4. We speculated that the second credit he will receive is for Starfox.

Now let’s take a look at the characters set to appear in the movie!



Right off the bat as previously mentioned Starfox aka Eros of Titan will be in the film. Marvel is looking for a 25-45-year-old male to play the brother of Thanos.

Starfox is the complete opposite of his brother Thanos. A fun-loving hero, Starfox has the ability to fly, can survive of little to no air for extended periods of time, and even can stimulate a person’s mind making them feel calm.



Marvel will be searching for a 10-16-year-old female to play the role of Piper. Said to be a very charismatic, wise beyond her years, quick-witted, articulate, strong, and a very magnetic personality.



For the role of Elysisus, the studio is looking for an actress that is 20-40-years-old.

Elysisus’ powers consist of her having increased strength, stamina, and speed, along with superhuman level stamina. Her biggest power seems to be telepathy, as she has animals often under her control doing what she needs. She was created by a computer system on Titan.

Forgotten One


Gilgamesh! One of the earth’s earliest fables is a Marvel character also known as the Forgotten One. For this part, Marvel is looking for an actor ranging in age from 25-45. An outcast Eternal, Gilgamesh is one of the best trained Eternals and often carries a weapon on him.



Rumoured to be the lead of the film Actors from age 20-40 are sought after for the role of Ikaris. Powered by a cosmic force, Ikaris has total control of his physical form at all times, that means even when he is asleep. He is also extremely resistant to damage and can even regenerate from some injuries. He also has the power of levitation.



The MCU will have another speedster as 25-45-year-old males will be looked at by Marvel to play the role of Makkari



Rumoured to be the female lead of the film Sersi want to live among the humans and is very powerful. Actress from age 20-40 will be looked at.



Actresses from age 20-40 will be considered for the role of Thena. A true warrior and one of the most powerful Eternals, Thena can manipulate cosmic energy and can use it to stay immortal.



Zuras, the father of Thena and uncle of Thanos will also be in the film. Zuras has above average development of the normal attributes of superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability, and can fly at subsonic speeds. He has the ability to manipulate cosmic energy to augment his life force granting him great longevity and regenerative abilities, the projection of concussive force, heat and electrical energy up to a maximum range of 300 feet.


Marvel is looking to cast an actress in her early 30s for the role of “Karen.” Open to any nationality or ethnicity particularly Middle Eastern, African and Native American. Powerful, a timeless quality, a leader, She is warm, nurturing and intuitive.

Unknown Male Lead

Lastly, we have an unknown male lead. THS suggests it could be Hercules and I sure hope so.

What do you think of the characters appearing in the film? Let us know by tweeting us at @SuperBroMovies, and as always keep coming back for the latest in blockbuster movie news. – Collin Stetzner



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