New Set Photos Reveal Joaquin Phoenix Filming Stunts for ‘JOKER’

Joqauin Phoenix is really channeling the Clown Prince of Crime in the latest round of set photos from Joker.

Phoenix and his stunt double can be seen running causing the kind of chaos that can only come from the Joker. It seems like the movie will have some very intense chase sequences in the streets of NYC with Arthur Fleck (the Joker) getting hit by a cab as he tries to escape detectives played by Shea Whigham and Bill Camp.

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The story is set to follow Arthur Fleck as he becomes Batman’s most iconic villain, and lets loose on New York City. Warner Bros. and Todd Phillips have managed to keep the plot of Joker under wraps, but it seems like we’re in for a wild ride.

What do you think of the new set photos? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @superbromovies. – Taylor Tyler

Source: JustJared

Joker is set to hit theaters October 4th, 2019

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