EXCLUSIVE: Peter Weller Is Not Interested In Reprising Role For ‘ROBOCOP RETURNS’

Although the project is still in its early stages, Neill Blomkamp’s RoboCop Returns is already gearing up to be one hell of a ride. There’s only one issue, franchise star Peter Weller isn’t interested in returning to the titular role, the actor’s representatives confirmed to SuperBroMovies. 

Weller began his iconic run as Officer Alex Murphy in 1987s RoboCop. He would reprise his role three years later in the sequel, which was directed by The Empire Strikes Back helmer Irvin Kershner.

Earlier this year, Blomkamp took to Twitter to tease fans about the possibility of Weller returning. After a fan tweeted to the director asking who should play RoboCop in his next installment, Blomkamp made it clear that Weller was his choice. That doesn’t appear to be in the cards as the 71-year-old actor has chosen not to return.


Immediately following the events of the original 1987 film, RoboCop Returns will erase the badly-received sequels that plagued the franchise right after the first film. It will also, of course, ignore the 2014 reboot that starred Joel Kinnaman in the titular role. We should add that it will be going back to its roots with an R-rating this time around. The story will, for the most part, take place a year after the original film.

Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium) is set to helm the film, with a script by Justin Rhodes, writer of the upcoming Terminator reboot. Original screenwriter Ed Neumeier is producing, with Michael Miner set as an executive producer. Rhodes will be rewriting a draft that Neumeier and Miner wrote.

What do you guys think about Weller not returning? Let us know in the comments below! –Marcos Melendez


46 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Peter Weller Is Not Interested In Reprising Role For ‘ROBOCOP RETURNS’

  1. I think he should come back and play RoboCop they should make him a big offer maybe 25 million to come back as Alex Murphy. And if not who are they going to get to play RoboCop you saw what happened to the reboot of Robocop it was horrible that movie did not make no sense . And it did not make no money at the box office so it was a waste of time. And to cast Michael Keaton as a villain the movie was bad. So Peter Wallace should come back and do the movie and I guarantee you the movie will be a hit give him 25 million-dollar and I guarantee he’ll do it he’s 30 years old age is nothing but a number so he could do it come on😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

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  2. Not surprised one bit. He’s an old man, now. He’s moved on. Cast Viggo Mortensen. He’s a damn DEAD RINGER for Weller, a fine actor to boot and would probably jump at the chance to be in another potential blockbuster.

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  3. Joel kingman I know I spelled that wrong but I really liked that episode I was waiting for the next movie when he was seen walking with his wife and son at the end of the movie – I’d like to see the next movie on that


  4. Most of the time the original is the best you can beat it. Maybe they can do a pass the torch and retire him as a robot in the movie and include another robocop to take over same robocop but a clone.


  5. We all would love to see Peter Weller come back to play this role. This is a similar issue with Harrison Ford in the Han Solo Character again. But 25 million… offered…that wouldn’t be a bad idea. I hope they make a good offer to him.


  6. Robocop without Peter Weller is like Transformers without Peter Cullens. Give us one last hurrah, Mr. Weller.


  7. Peter Weller embodies the best qualities of both Murphy & Robocop. His age and new career as a professor of Classics may make him reluctant to come back, but if those issues could be resolved, he’s probably the only actor that could do justice to the role.


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