‪’RIVERDALE’, S3 Ep6 “MANHUNT” Recap/Review‬

This season of Riverdale is shaping up to be the best of the three. There’s plenty of subplots, but the main plot this season has been very interesting to watch unfold. The game of Griffiths and Gargoyles has slowly taken over the town again, and as usual, the parents of Riverdale are paying for past sins through their children. This seems to be the problem every season, past sins being avenged. Two episodes ago Alice Cooper explained what happened with the Gargoyle king when she and the other parents were children. Now, the children of Riverdale are falling deep into problems their parents faced years ago.

Tonight’s episode of Riverdale, Manhunt, was focused on the hunt for Archie Andrews and the things surrounding his imprisonment. Archie was curious about the kids who were coerced into putting him in prison. Betty and Jughead are still on a rampage to get to the bottom of the mystery that is the Gargoyle King, and Veronica is still trying to prove Archie’s innocence. The kids are on a tear to solve everything so life can finally go back to normal. The problem is, as usual, their parents are standing in the way; even though these kids have solved two major murder mysteries in the town already. Of course, you have the parents that are trying to help, and the ones that are trying to stop everything.

There’s more than meets the eyes here. I’m sure all of the suspects we had behind the Gargoyle King are either dead or have proven their innocence. We see a lot and feel a lot in this episode. Archie starts to move around town trying to prove his innocence and realizes even if he does… He’ll never truly be free because of Hiram Lodge. Betty confronts all the parents about the truth and won’t leave the investigation alone… Thus leaving Alice to make a choice she may regret. Jughead and FP hash it out over Jughead’s gargoyle addiction. Of course, Veronica bumps heads with her father as she has been doing since last season. The kids vs parents saga continues and it’s an uphill battle for the kids. There’s a lot to unpack about this season and this episode opens it up a bit. We also see how much Fred loves Archie as he spends the episode trying to find Archie. There’s some sadness and heartbreak in this episode, so if you missed it… Prepare yourself.

There was a lot of decision making in this episode. Archie, Alice, Jughead, and Veronica all made decisions that will ultimately lead us down a stranger path than any we have seen in Riverdale so far. The Gargoyle King has put more fear into Riverdale than the Black Mask or Mr. Blossom ever could. Is he a deity or simply a man behind a mask? Is he the leader of the farm? Where did he come from? Josie has an episode as did Ethel. We’ve seen the gargoyle madness grow like a plague. Will it overtake and never be able to be escaped? There’s such a mystery this season. Early on and it seems like our heroes may, in fact, be defeated. Which is new, but makes things more interesting. We will see how these things flow together as they have come together well in the past two seasons.

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Rating: 7.5 sexy teens/10

Rascal F. Kennedy

Riverdale, Season 3, Episode 6: Starring KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, and Camila Mendes – After confronting the parents, Betty follows some strong leads in hopes of finding out the Gargoyle King’s true identity; Veronica’s attempt to prove Archie’s innocence lands her in hot water; Archie turns to Kevin for help making things right.


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