‪’BLADE RUNNER’ Animated Series In The Works At Adult Swim‬

In an exclusive from Varietynews has dropped that a new animated series set in the world of Blade Runner is set to air on Adult Swim, as well as be produced by the network. Variety also learned the title of the anime, as it will be called Blade Runner: Black Lotus. The series will consist of thirteen half-hour long episodes for it’s presumably first season. 

The series has some seriously strong creative talent behind it as well, with animation studio being produced by Sola Digital Arts as well as Shinichiro Watanabe (of Cowboy Bebop fame), with both of these also being responsible for the animated short that released before Blade Runner 2049, which was titled Blade Runner Blackout 2022, one of three original shorts made to set up a timeline between the events of the first Blade Runner and it’s sequel, 2049. 


The series is set to expand the already vast and amazing world of Blade Runner, and it will be interesting to see what other new characters and stories such strong creative talent want to tell with the deep mythos of the Blade Runner world. After an amazingly crafted comeback in Blade Runner 2049, it will be great to see what other formats the franchise will flesh itself out in.

Are you excited for a Blade Runner animated  series? Let us know in the comments below! -Ernesto Valenzuela


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