‘BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS’ Developer Teases New Game Based On The Court Of Owls

Fans of DC’s video game universe have sat with bated breath for weeks now as rumor after rumor hits the web about a new announcement. A Superman game was originally speculated, which then turned into a World’s Finest announcement rumor for this week’s The Game Awards. Both have been denied by studios Rocksteady (Asylum, City, and Knight) and WB Montreal (Origins). But the latter has been letting clues slip that maybe the true game hasn’t been guessed yet.

BTS pictures from multiple employees at WB Montreal have hinted at a project that would seemingly include the Court of Owls. Both dev team swag and those at a holiday party are wearing Owl imagery. We’ll just have to wait and see if this will be an announcement made at this Thursday’s The Game Awards. Arkham Origins is often thought of as the worst quality Batman game in the Arkham series, but fans will surely be excited by another outing.

What do you think of the possibility of a Court of Owls game? Tweet us @superbromoviesCole

Source: Assistant Producer at WB Montreal on Twitter

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