My main worry going into Doomsday Clock #8 was that it would be unable to maintain the pace set by the previous issue. But I am glad to say these worries were quickly washed away the more I read. Doomsday Clock #8 takes Geoff Johns narrative into a new direction but one I know myself and many other fans were hoping to see.

When the last issue of Doomsday Clock hit shelves roughly a month ago we finally got the scene we have long been waiting for, Doctor Manhattan coming face to face with fan favorite DC characters, Batman and the Joker. I think many people assumed this issue would then build on the past issues storyline and explore Manhattan’s influence on the DC universe, but it was actually refreshing to see Johns take the issue somewhere else. Issue 8 takes a step back from the Watchmen storyline and instead focuses more on the Supermen Theory.

The newest issue focused more on how Superman fits into the current state of the DC universe with such public distrust of Metahumans. Johns does a great job of writing Superman in this issue focusing on how he is truly a hero not for just America but for the whole world. And Johns tackling of how Superman is caught between two groups, the heroes, and the public made this a favorite for me.

But it was not only Johns handling of Superman that made this issue exciting to read but also Gary Frank’s art played a major role for me. With such a tense issue Frank does an amazing job of portraying action and movement throughout the issue. And his work on Firestorm in the issue fully captured not only his power but also the emotional state he is in.

All in all this issue was a great break from the main Watchmen storyline, and finally gave us some insight into how the Supermen Theory has affected the world. It was exciting to finally see Superman step into the fray and get a look at how other heroes have been affected. I am excited to see what Johns has in store for us next and how he will meld the two storylines together to bring the series to a close in the next 4 issues.

Rating: 9.5/10

–  Jacob Campbell

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