Warner Bros. Developing PLASTIC MAN Film, Amanda Idoko Set To Pen Screenplay

It’s a good day for comic book lovers. After the chaos of a certain trailer dropping, some may have thought that it’d be quiet the rest of the day regarding CBM news. Well, now we’ve got news on a new DC movie in the works, based around Plastic Man!

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 11.33.09 AM.png

Amanda Idoko is set to pen the script. With Plastic Man’s personality, the film has a perfect opportunity to display humor like we haven’t seen before in DC. Amanda Idoko has slipped under the radar for many, only having a few credits under her name. Some of her writing credits include the TV show The Mayor, and the film Breaking News in Yuba County.

Plastic Man has been seen in only animated mediums which makes this film his debut on the big screen. It might be a… stretch to assume so, but this could be a huge hit for DC if they execute this right! What are your thoughts on a Plastic Man movie being developed? Let us know over at SuperBroMoviesJB Baker

Source – Hollywood Reporter

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