Fox Asked Kevin Feige To Review ‘DARK PHOENIX’ Script

Between all the Marvel Studios, Spider-Man, and DCEU news the past several months, word on Fox’s Dark Phoenix has gotten drowned out. With the release date finally (hopefully) set in stone, Fox is ramping up their promotion of the film. This weekend during CCXP in Brazil, they showed off footage and teased the final outing of the main X-Men team. The cast and story told in that universe is not expected to carry over to the MCU, but writer/director Simon Kinberg revealed he had help from a surprising source.


Marvel Cinematic Universe mastermind Kevin Feige reviewed the script for Dark Phoenix, Simon Kinberg confirmed at the panel. Feige reviewed the script and tone of the film that could be the last in the franchise. While this could spur many on to think this could lead to some kind of continuation into the MCU, this is most likely just a courtesy.

Feige is well regarded, of course, and got his start working on the original X-Men movies. It is still encouraging to see that he could have played a small part in correcting a film whose franchise has been lead down so many disparate paths.

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