Matt Fraction & Kelly Sue DeConnick’s “Milkfed Criminal Masterminds” Signs Two-Year Deal With Legendary Television

Well, this is a welcome surprise!

Two industry titans- writers Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick- have signed a deal with Legendary Television to adapt some of their critically-acclaimed creator-owned comics as well as creating entirely some entirely new series through their company Milkfed Criminal Masterminds. The two year deal will include series developed by the husband-wife duo across both traditional and non-traditional platforms.


Fraction and DeConnick’s work speaks for itself, with both being known to fans of Marvel Comics for Fraction’s runs on The Invincible Iron Man and Hawkeye and DeConnick’s run on Captain Marvel. However, it’s those aforementioned creator owned books that provide a wealth of great source material to draw from, with Fraction’s Sex Criminals and DeConnick’s Bitch Planet representing some of the boldest, engaging work to come out of the recent comics world.


While those no guarantee that these specific titles will be adapted, this deal represents a huge step forward for comic book-based media outside of Marvel and DC. While projects like Todd MacFarlane’s Spawn movie languish in development hell, it’s hard not to get excited about multiple series coming from these two.

Legendary TV is nothing to shake a stick at either. Lost in Space and The Expanse, their best-known series, have legions of die-hard fans, so this seems to be a match made in genre heaven. No one assesses the situation better than Legendary Television President Nick Pepper:

From their brilliantly realized reinventions of established comic book canon to the most unique of original creations, Kelly Sue and Matt are the top of their field. It is an honor to partner with the Milkfed Criminal Masterminds to bring their work to a wider global audience.

Which Fraction and DeConnick properties do you hope to see adapted? Are you excited for this new partnership?

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James Preston Poole

Source: Deadline


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