The CW’s ‘ELSEWORLDS’ Part 2 & 3 Review

The Elseworlds crossover was the culmination of the three CW shows featuring The Flash, Green Arrow, Supergirl and more. After so much hype and anticipation, the Elseworlds crossover finally hit television.

The Flash, Green Arrow, and company face up against John Deegan, an Arkham scientist who has a history with DC villain Dr. Destiny, also The Monitor.

The Elseworld crossover was a very ambitious and lighthearted special. With the appearance of our favorite superheroes and the surprise appearance of Batgirl. I personally really enjoyed it. The pacing was very well done, the actors bring their A game, and the side characters are better than ever.


The 2nd episode was really good in my opinion. Part Two touches base on Bruce Wayne’s absence multiple times while making you believe it’s safe in Kate’s care. The pacing in the start was a little iffy but as the 2nd act begins it’s a lot better. The action scenes were phenomenal and had some of the best choreography the CW has yet to offer. It was so cool seeing the CW’s take on Arkham Asulym and Gotham the city itself. Now let’s talk about Batgirl, the character fans were very excited to see. I thought her debut was riveting and it was so cool to finally see Batgirl in action. Even though she had limited screen time, it was more than enough to understand her character and get to know her. Batgirl is one of the coolest and underrated comic book characters, it was so cool seeing her in action. Another character that was cool seeing was Superman. Is it just me or does it feel like decades since we last seen Superman? Clark Kent plays a big role in this crossover and he does a lot for the show.  Also is it just me or did anyone else spot Bane’s mask in this episode? It was a quick glimpse that some might’ve missed. It’s when the whole team was in Arkham Asulym and Killer Frost confronts one of the inmates. It’s at the 27:03 mark of the episode.

The main thing I loved in the crossover was the dynamic between Barry and Oliver. Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell bring their A game and it shows. I love how they are living in each other shoes and they realize how different they both really are. The exchanges of dialogue between the two of them were great and made for some of the best scenes in the CW Arrowverse. Barry and Oliver realized that they are very different but alike at the same time. In the crossover, you realize what makes Barry Allen, Barry Allen and not the flash. You realize that Barry Allen is a superhero for not being the Flash but for being Barry Allen. Also, this crossover really touches on Oliver Queen channeling his inner darkness and trying to change for the better. Barry Allen pushes Oliver to be like him and Oliver pushes Barry to be like him. The dynamic of Barry and Oliver was my favorite part of the crossover. The best scenes were when Barry and Oliver are exchanging dialogue and them realizing each other a lot more.


The 3rd episode, Kara is being kept captive in the pipeline at STAR Labs, where Diggle, Caitlin, and Alex serve at the pleasure of their Superman. Superman is in control of this world as he is wearing his infamous black suit. It was very cool seeing a bad Superman with twisted motivations and morals. This episode is very sporadic and at times is all over the place. The pacing in the start is good but slows down towards the 2nd act. Then in the 3rd act, everything comes down and is pretty overwhelming. Seeing Flash, Green Arrow and company united and come together was very interesting. My biggest negative of this episode and the crossover is, of course, the villain. The villain in this crossover is very bland and boring. His motivations don’t make sense and are just basic evil villain motivations. I was hoping that the CW would make a good villain for the magnitude of this crossover. Amazo was cool but he wasn’t the main villain and he doesn’t even say anything so I can’t count him as the main villain. Yes, he was empowering and challenged the heroes but still, the villains came off boring and lazy. I wish the villain had more screentime and an actual arc like all the characters in the crossover had.

The Elseworlds crossover was way better than I thought it would be and I can’t wait for Crisis on Infinite Earths. If you haven’t seen it already go check it out, it’s a hell of a ride.

Rating: 8/10

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