Sony’s Spider-Women Spin-Off To Feature Spider-Gwen, Silk, and Spider-Woman

Sony’s Into The Spider-Verse is only just hitting theaters this weekend, but that’s not stopping producer Amy Pascal from sitting down with Vanity Fair and divulging many secrets about the future of their Marvel universe. Dubbed S.U.M.C for Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters, Pascal along with other talent have plans for characters in live-action and animation. One big character they have plans for, in the near future, is spinning off the animated Gwen Stacy into an all-female team up movie. The line-up of this movie has just been revealed.


Pascal confirmed the brand new team will consist of Spider-Gwen, Silk (Cindy Moon) and Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew). Sony is pulling from fairly recent comic source material with their animated universe. These are probably safe bets though, because all of these characters have become popular in recent years. Discussing the direct sequel to Into The Spider-Verse, Pascal said the film will focus on the romantic relationship between Miles and Gwen. She assures fans that Gwen will not be treated as a mere love interest however.

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Source: Vanity Fair


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