Everything You Need To Know for ‘THE PUNISHER’ Season 2

Amidst the brutal Marvel Netflix cancellations this year, The Punisher season two remains on its path to release.

New plot details have just been released today, according to Collider, and they start off right where season one left us. War torn soldier Frank Castle finds himself with no wars left to fight and no vengeance for his family left to be taken, resulting in him going into his definition of retirement; hiding out in a junkyard trailer somewhere in the United States. Of course, there’s absolutely no way Frank can avoid having to take up his title of Punisher once again.

Despite being the the same cinematic universe, the characters in season two will not be acknowledging the fateful “snappening” that plagued the MCU during Avengers: Infinity War. This season will also be the first season in all of Marvel Netflix to not kick off in New York City, rather following Frank Castle across his tour of the United States in order to get “a look at the country he fought for but has never really seen,” as stated by showrunner Steve Lightfoot. Of course, this season has been set to be darker and grittier than the last season, which is hard to beat for the violent series.


Newcomer to the series Giorgia Whigham (13 Reasons Why) will be playing a key character this season, Amy, “a teenage grifter living on her own whose troubles become intertwined with Frank Castle”. It seems this character will help kick off the plot of the season, sending Frank on the run with the girl and having to hideout in a trailer back in New York.

This season’s villain is set to be the mysterious “Alt-Right” character named John Pilgrim, a Christian extremist that utilizes a facade of peaceful faith in order to hide his violent rage inside. Season one’s iconic villain Billy Russo will be back, but remains recovering from the brutal beat down that rendered his face unrecognizable (courtesy of The Punisher himself). Actor Ben Barnes discussed the character with Collider:

Billy Russo is still deep in recovery for the face-slicing beatdown delivered by Frank Castle in the season one premiere, still suffering from brain damage, memory issues, and self-pity.

Alongisde Billy Russo will be Homeland Security Agent Dinah Madani, who this season will have an unhealthy obsession with him that has become fueled by “self-medication” and alcohol. Actress Amber Rose Revah stated the following:

“She’s kind of become fixated on Billy,” Revah said. “She’s gone to the hospital, visiting every day, morning, evening. She’s completely tunnel-vision on him.”

An important, if not one of the most important, plot detail for this season is the return of Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page, whose relationship with Frank Castle played a key role in season one. Showrunner Lightfoot has stated “That relationship continues to be very important,” but further details remain unrevealed.

Last but certainly not least, actor Jon Bernthal discussed details on the new vest that will be created for this season. The iconic skull emblem will be painted on with a deeper purpose for Frank Castle, most likely driving home the role he has become as “The Punisher”.

“This year, when he puts it on, we figured out a very intelligent, very tactical reason, a very psychologically tactical reason to wear it. It makes a lot of sense,” Bernthal said.

The Punisher is set to be released at some point during January 2019 on Netflix, seen in the teaser dropped this month with no precise release date as of yet.

What are you most excited to see this season? What characters do you think will be the most important to the plot? Tweet at us over on @SuperBroMovies!

Ileana Meléndez

Source: Collider


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