DEADPOOL Animated Series Could Still Be In The Works

Remember in early 2018 when test footage of the Deadpool animated series released? Fans were stoked and the media was going crazy. Only to have our hopes let down when they, unfortunately, canceled the series weeks after. Now, there is some good news and a glimpse of hope for fans.

Our favorite fourth-wall quippy antihero, Deadpool, could still have his own animated TV show. An animated TV series focused on the character is supposedly still in the works following the cancellation of the Donald Glover created project.


In an interview with Nerdist, Rob Liefeld expressed that a Deadpool animated TV show is still in the works. Liefeld said that a Marvel executive told him, “ Don’t worry, Robert, we’re going to give Deadpool a cartoon”. The comic legend went on to say that he has no real information regarding any future projects.

Deadpool is a very beloved character around the world, making his first appearance in ‘The New Mutants #98’ February 1991. Deadpool has been around for a while. He has two movies along with a video game to his resume.

Stay tuned to SuperBroMovies for the latest news on the Deadpool animated series and more!

Source: Nerdist


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