Stellan Skarsgard Cast As The Villan In ‘DUNE’

One of today’s best directors, Denis Villeneuve upcoming adaptation of the novel Dune has an already impressive cast of Timothee Chalamet, Rebecca Furguson, and Dave Bautista. Now adding to the list is the amazing actor Stellan Skarsgard.


Dune is a sci-fi novel beloved by many. The basis of the book is on the planet Arrakis, a fallen noble family attempts to control the planet and its export of a rare spice while they are betrayed by a galactic emperor.


Chalamet is the lead of the film playing the novels hero Paul Atreides, a member of the noble family forced to flee into the planets wastelands and partner with its tribes to overthrow the empire. His opposite appears to be Skarsgard as he has been cast in the villainous role of Barron Harkonnen, a member of the family that use to rule Arrakis and is now plotting with the empire to overthrow the current crown.

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