YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS’ Episodes 4-6 Non-Spoiler Review

Last week’s selection of Young Justice: Outsiders episodes felt very much like an appetizer for the series. It was meant to prepare us for the show and get us ready for what whats to come. The past three episodes set up what’s going on this season and helped to reassure us the show still had that spark from the last two seasons. These new seasons felt very much like a display of exactly where the new season is capable of going, showcasing the various tones its able to manage.


From episode 4 to 6 it felt very much like each had a distinct tone, with 4 focusing more on the series comedic tone, 5 focusing on more serious tone, and 6 displaying the shows unique blend of the tone. I would say that if this really was the writers’ goal for these episodes, to showcase the series tonal range, it surely accomplished this. However, I would say in terms of content it was a bit lacking, specifically episode 4.


Episode 4 felt very much like a step down from the previous episodes, acting much like a filler episode. It did a good job of focusing more on the character’s and stories comedic potential but it just felt like it was lacking in story at times. It didn’t manage to take the story as far as the previous episodes did and as a result, it felt a little more forgettable than the episodes before it.

Granted this is not the case for the following episodes. Episodes 5 and 6 felt very much more on par with the season’s first three episodes. Capturing more of the series serious tone it delved more into the intergalactic consequences of the emergence of metahuman trafficking, and on how it has affected members of the team. Episode 5 I would say much like episodes 1-3 showed how far this show has come in terms of maturity. It showed how much the characters have grown since the beginning of this show and it made me excited to see where it will take them next.


Moving on to episode 6 it was definitely the strongest of the three episodes. Now that the past episodes have fully set up the season it jumped right into the show’s conflict. It did a great job of capturing the action and humor displayed in the past episodes and blending them into a cohesive story. And without saying too much, this episode delivers a moment that fans have been hoping to see for a long time.

Overall, I would say that this new batch of episodes was good but not as great as the first three. When I first watched episodes 1to 3 I felt that the animation was much better and on par with the series past animation. However, now I’ve come to notice some weak moments where it could have been a tad smoother. I wouldn’t say this in any way hinders the show but I hope it does get better as the show progresses, or that they invest in it a bit more for future seasons.

In closing, episodes 4 through 6 deliver some great tonal displays for the season to come but at times lack a bit in terms of content. However, due to episode 6, I am confident we don’t want to miss anything to come.

Rating- 9/10

– Jacob Campbell

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