LADY SIF Series Reportedly In The Works At Disney+

Although the Disney+ streaming service has yet to be made available to the public, there have been several Marvel television shows confirmed to be in development. So far, shows such as Vision and the Scarlet Witch and Rocket & Groot are reported to be in development while Loki has been confirmed to be in Disney+’s future slate of shows. It turns out that those will not be the only Marvel shows in development for Disney+, as there have been reports of a Lady Sif TV series in the works.


Jaimie Alexander, who played the character in Thor and Thor: The Dark World, is expected to reprise the character. In addition, as with many of Marvel Studios’ productions, Kevin Feige will serve as one of the show’s producers. It has not been confirmed as to where the series will fit into the timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As such, it is not clear whether it will take place before or after Thor: Ragnarok, the only Thor film to not feature Lady Sif.

It is also said to be a limited series, consisting of six to eight episodes, and that it will receive a $100 million budget. Furthermore, it is likely to be released in Fall 2019, meaning that it will debut alongside The Mandalorian, the representative Star Wars show for Disney+. Since no official statement has been made, we shall have to wait and see if it truly is in development.

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Source: Discussing Film

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