Christopher McQuarrie Passed On Directing DC Films For Next Two ‘MISSION IMPOSSIBLE’ Movies

The news broke today that Rogue Nation and Fallout director, Christopher McQuarrie, was returning for two more Mission Impossible films.  The Tom Cruise fronted franchise has been a stable earner for Paramount. The duo of Cruise and McQuarrie has been long rumored to be working together again in the future on DC’s Green Lantern Corps, with Tom Cruise as Hal Jordan. With today’s news, we have found out the latest with that rumor.


Hidden within the announcement of McQuarrie’s two next directorial gigs, is the revelation that he passed on multiple DC films for the job. Studios beyond just WB were also courting him. For this multiple DC films though, Green Lantern and a Man of Steel sequel seem most likely because of previous rumors and McQuarrie’s history with Henry Cavill.

Are you happy to have him continuing with Mission Impossible for the next five or six years? Would you rather have him use his talents within the DCEU? Tweet us @superbromoviesCole

Source: The Hollywood Reporter 


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