Henry Cavill & Alec Baldwin May Return For ‘MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE’ Sequels

In a welcome, if somewhat confusing, bit of news, both Henry Cavill and Alec Baldwin’s characters are being considered for a return in Christopher McQuarrie’s upcoming Mission: Impossible-Fallout sequels.



Still with us? Alright, so the reason it’s so confusing that Henry Cavill and Alec Baldwin’s characters- August Walker and Alan Hunley, respectively- are set to return is because both of the characters perished in Fallout; Hunley by Walker’s hand and Walker by Ethan Hunt’s, er, hook to the face. The way these two characters might be “revived” is fairly straightforward, however.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, McQuarrie is considering bringing them back for a few flashbacks. This continues the trend of an overarching narrative that McQuarrie started with Rogue Nation and continued with Fallout. With Walker’s character, it could offer some insight into the mysterious Apostles, assuming they’re still in operation, while on Hunley’s side it could clue the audience into some key information on the IMF (Impossible Missions Force).


Approach this news with caution. McQuarrie hasn’t yet written the scripts for the two sequels and it’s quite possible that with Cavill’s rising star he may be unavailable. Nevertheless, it’s something fun to ponder.

Would you like to see Henry Cavill and Alec Baldwin return in flashback for the new Mission: Impossible films? If so, how?

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James Preston Poole

Source: Hollywood Reporter


2 thoughts on “Henry Cavill & Alec Baldwin May Return For ‘MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE’ Sequels

  1. Well, if’s a flashback scene, which wouldn’t take up much time, Cavill could totally do it whether he was busy doing or prepping another film or not.


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