Dwayne Johnson’s LUKE HOBBS Challenges Chris Hemsworth’s THOR To A Showdown

While hosting the brand new show on NBC called The Titan Games, Dwayne Johnson has called out Chris Hemsworth to come face to face between the two Gods of Thunder.

dwayne johnson and chris hemsworth

Before a competition challenge on Titan, Johnson proposed that he would like to see his character, Luke Hobbs, from the Fast and Furious franchise battle Chris Hemsworth’s Thor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“I know why my buddy Chris Hemsworth likes putting on that Thor costume. I mean, there’s real power in wielding a hammer like this. I got an idea, guys: how about we make a Thor and Fast & Furious movie, you guys [speaking to the Titans audience] want to do that? Where the God of Thunder, Thor himself, he comes flying in and then wham! He gets stopped by the real God of Thunder. Box office gold, hashtag #ThorHitsTheFloor. You’re welcome, Chris. He’s gonna text me later.”

Later on in a tweet, Johnson also said he would reach out to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige to make it happen. You can check out the video below!

I wouldn’t know how a Fast and Furious movie would be connected to the MCU, but I know fans would pay to see Johnson and Hemsworth go face to face in a battle to see who is the strongest. I would love to see Johnson join the MCU in a similar role to Hobbs. He could be Beta Ray Bill or the Juggernaut once the X-Men join the MCU.

Do you want a Dwayne Johnson and Chris Hemsworth collaboration in the MCU? Be sure to tweet your thoughts @SuperBroMovies on Twitter!

Lucas Talbot

Source: Dwayne Johnson’s Twitter

One thought on “Dwayne Johnson’s LUKE HOBBS Challenges Chris Hemsworth’s THOR To A Showdown

  1. Um, he knows that Thor could destroy any human, even it’s a dumb Fast & Furious character that he plays, right? I mean The Rock is a big guy, but Hobbs is no superhero or anywhere near the same level of power as Thor. I for one would not want to see this as I think the Fast & Furious series is completely ridiculous and don’t understand how it makes money. Though at the same time, I am interested in the Hobbs & Shaw movie and will probably see that. If I enjoy it, it will be the first in that series that I do. Also no Vin Diesel is a huge plus, because “Family!”! 😀


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