Channing Tatum Reportedly Wants To Direct His Own ‘GAMBIT’ Film

While it was recently reported that several Marvel projects being developed by Fox were dead, it seems like a member of the Hollywood elite is not willing to let his film go without a fight.

As first reported by Deadline,  Channing Tatum has split up from his longtime management representation UTA and Management 360 after a tenured relationship going back to his humble beginnings on screen. The split is said to be “amicable” and is not a sign of Tatum taking a step back from the spotlight.


With this in mind, Tatum might be looking to step behind the camera to make sure his take on a classic X-Men character gets the treatment he deserves. After a storied and highly controversial history with multiple directors signing on and then dropping out, ‘Gambit’ looks to be stuck in film purgatory with no signs of life to speak of.

However, Tatum is reportedly looking to get the ball rolling while serving as both the star AND the director. While Tatum has zero experience as a director, he has served as a producer on several films so he definitely has the right tools to step into a more creative role.

What do you think? Would Channing Tatum be a good fit as both the star and the director of Gambit? Sound off in the comments below and @superbromovies.  – Christian Hubbard 

Source: Deadline

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