Badcasting ‘AQUAMAN’

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Welcome to Badcast! A new way for you to kill time at work or something to read while ignoring your responsibilities! Here we will take a look at past films and reimagine them with a much different cast. This isn’t a reflection on the quality of the film or the talents of specific actors or actresses but instead looking at what could have been.

This week’s film: AquamanImage result for aquaman and mera movie

This article will contain LIGHT SPOILERS so read at your own risk.

AquaTanic.jpgArthur Curry/Aquaman – Anyone Who Drowned in Titanic

Arthur Curry, the man who can bridge the worlds of land and sea. The hero who is in charge of over 71% of the Planet Earth. We’ve now had two movies with Bro-moa and yet the character still feels distant from general audiences. Do you know what’s relatable? Dying due to arrogance. I’m sure we’ve all been there, amirite?

I’ve seen Titanic at least twice, but I don’t remember either time. The thing that stuck with me though was how scared the people were as this Goliath ship sank to the bottom of the ocean. I firmly believe any number of these actors could come aboard this franchise and give it the shot of ice water it needs to wake up. These people know how terrifying the ocean is and can express that fear on screen, again. I can see any number of these people walk through the abandoned Rainforest Cafe to retrieve King Atlan’s trident.

Not Leo.

merwifeMera – My Wife

I didn’t expect to walk out of Aquaman in love but here we are.

Amber Heard is not only stunning, but she brought a vulnerability, humor and strength to Mera that was both refreshing relatable. She gave this mer-woman some of the most humanity we’ve seen in a DCEU film. Though the medieval-ish plot of kings and queens, ancient civilizations and gladitorial-esque battles doesn’t exactly translate to the current times, we can all relate to wanting to do the right thing even if it’s difficult.

Also, if anyone can get me in touch with Amber Heard, that’d be much appreciated. They can contact me by DM’ing a photo of a pencil to J.K. Rowling, she knows what to do.

Aiden Vulko.jpgVulko – Aidan Gillen

You know that tweet that circulates every six months that goes along the lines of “im like the only person to not watch game of thrones.” I’m the basic bitch that always retweets that.

I originally was going to find another “goblin looking actor” for this role but when I Googled that I was shown a new stereotype that I don’t quite fully understand and, quite frankly, don’t really want to. I was told this guy plays a similar role as Vulko in Game of Thrones and I’m going with it.

Adam Orm.jpgKing Orm – Adam Scott

King Orm is the younger half-brother of our protagonist. He rules over the kingdom of Atlantis with an iron fist and has no time for his older brother or his laid back lifestyle. He believes his way is the only right way and forces that belief on those closest to him. He’s basically a more CGI’d version of Adam Scott’s dickhead character from Step Brothers.

Patrick Wilson is an equally opposing presence when stacked up against Jason Momoa. I wish it had more of a sibling rivalry feel where the younger brother is much smaller and meeker than the older brother. Let’s have this new Orm use his singing skills or knowledge of undersea real estate to best his older brother.

“It’s the f#$cking undersea city of Atlantis!”

Supermanta.jpgBlack Manta – The Idea The “DCEU” Can Only Produce Bad Films

Nearly every time this dude showed up I sat there wondering “Do I like this movie?” before ultimately deciding I did. He was by no means the reason I was wondering it, his appearances just coincided with my thought process.

Go see this movie, you’ll like it. I also believe this film won some very prestigious awards over the weekend.


There you have it! A bunch of Grade-A casting choices that flew by the wayside. I hope you enjoyed reading this! Let us know what your thoughts @superbromovies on Twitter and tweet us any bad casting choices you think should’ve happened! And be sure to check out the previous Badcast right here.

-Kellen Murack

Aquaman is drowning your sorrows away in theaters now!



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