‘BATWOMAN’ Casts BATWING & Two Other Major Characters

The CW’s small screen version of Gotham is taking three new members under it’s wing. Fans of the animated movie Batman: Bad Blood know that after Batman’s disappearance, not only did Batwoman emerge, but so did Batwing. Alongside the casting of this character, Kate Kane’s former lover and step-sister have also been cast. Camrus Johnson (Luke Cage), Meagan Tandy (Teen Wolf), and Nicole Kang (You) will play the three new characters.


Johnson will play Luke Fox, son of Wayne Industries inventor Lucius Fox. He is a Batman loyalist and will work to keep Wayne Tower on the right path following Bruce Wayne’s absence. Meanwhile, he also knows the city is in need of new heroes. Tandy will play Sophie Moore, a high-ranking security agent. She and Kate went to military school together and in the comics were romantically involved. Lastly, Kang will play Mary Hamilton, Kate’s step-sister. She is the opposite of Kate. She is energetic and social, but finds commonality with her sister in serving Gotham’s disenfranchised.

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Source: Deadline

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