‘UPGRADE’ Director Leigh Whannell To Helm ‘THE INVISIBLE MAN’ Reboot; Jason Blum To Produce

The classic Universal monster is getting a reboot as well as the studio’s plans for all their horror properties going forward. After The Mummy failed to generate enough fan buzz or money, Universal has decided to go with a more auteur focused path for it’s films. It’s saying they are not going for an interconnected universe, at least for now, and are hiring great talent to see each individual film reach it’s greatest potential.


Director of the body horror film Upgrade, Leigh Whannell is set to direct The Invisible Man. Joining him is frequent producing partner Jason Blum. Many fans were hoping to see Blum take the reigns of these monsters as his wheelhouse of smaller horror films, along with his impeccable track record, would be better suited for these characters than big budget action-adventure movies. Along with the news is the detail that Johnny Depp is no longer attached, but may appear in other monster projects down the line. This hints that while obvious universe building might not be present in this film, crossing over these characters is still in the cards eventually.

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Source: Variety


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