Leaked Image Provides Our First Look At Donna Troy’s Wonder Girl Costume In ‘TITANS’

We have our first look at Donna Troy, also known as “Wonder Girl,” in costume in the upcoming season 2 of DC Universe’s Titans!

Take a look at actress Conor Leslie as Wonder Girl:

Donna Troy is an Amazonian from Themyscira and took the moniker of “Wonder Girl” following in the footsteps of Wonder Woman herself. She has been a member of the Teen Titans as well as the Justice League.

Leslie made her debut as Donna Troy in the episode “Donna Troy” in season 1 of the show. It’s now safe to assume she will be suiting up with the other Titans in season 2. To what extent is still unknown but this should be exciting for fans of the character or fans of the show!

What do you think of this first look? Does it excite you? Let us know what you think @superbromovies on Twitter!

-Kellen Murack

Source: Twitter

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