‘AVENGERS: ENDGAME’, ‘TOY STORY 4’ & More To Have Super Bowl TV Spots

We are only days away from watching the New England Patriots square off against the Los Angles Rams but if you’re reading this then you probably aren’t looking for any hot sports takes. Take a look at what films you might see during the Big Game.

Over the past few years, the Super Bowl has produced a treasure trove of entertaining commercials. These range from absurdist Doritos ads to heartwarming Budweiser commercials. But one thing that always entices people is the prospect of seeing what films could be released during the upcoming year. Coming from our very own DanielRPK, we have a list of what to expect:

  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Toy Story 4
  • Alita: Battle Angel
  • Hobbs and Shaw

Warner Bros and Sony have decided to sit this year out so it looks like it’ll be the Disney show this Sunday. We have no confirmation on if Captain Marvel will be included but with only 3 months to release there’s a good chance it will be.

What do you think of these trailers? Are they what you expected? Are you excited for any of them? Let us know what you think @superbromovies on Twitter!

-Kellen Murack

Source: DanielRPK

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