Month: January 2019

‘AQUAMAN’ Worldwide Box Office Officially Surpasses ‘WONDER WOMAN’

It’s a good time to be a DC Extended Universe fan! Amidst a tidal wave of positive reviews (we over here at SBM loved it) and surprisingly strong box office, James Wan’s Aquaman has once again blown expectations out of the water. H20-related puns aside, Aquaman has officially crossed the $200 million mark domestically as well as making over

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‪Disney Can Save $90 Million By Not Retaining Johnny Depp For ‘PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN’‬

The fifteen-year-old franchise about adventuring pirates is getting a sixth installment soon and it seems that the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow will not be a part of the adventure. According to Forbes, the now infamous actor Johnny Depp earned a whopping salary of $90 million per Pirates film, deterring Disney from including the rum swigging pirate

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