“THE FLASH” Season 5 Episode 10 – “Seeing Red”

Whereas the last episode of The Flash was “The Nora Show” this week’s episode brings Barry back into the spotlight and gives our favorite anti-hero KIller Frost some of her first big story moments of the season. It also gives us a great look at the metahuman criminal scene with some returning characters and personalities from previous seasons.

This week’s plot essentially revolves around a list of metahuman criminals, leaked out by a CCPD officer to Cicada and his doctor friend. In possession of this list, Cicada goes on then hunt, tracking down every single criminal on the list and murdering them in cold blood.

Our heroes, Team Flash, start rounding up the criminals on this list in order to get them out of town. But of course this is the Arrowverse and nothing is going to go to plan.

All this and the recurring B plot of Sherloque knowing that something is up with Nora, which is almost the most interesting thing happening in Flash at the moment!

The episode opens with the evil doctor giving Cicada the meta list, and he goes straight out on the hunt. He finds Norvock and a new friend, Bork. Norvock you may remember as Blacksmith’s right-hand man, he was the dude with the super gross snake eye. Like, a snake came out of his eye socket. He’s still just as gross here, when his friend Bork tries to fight Cicada, Norvock just runs off. Bork, despite his extremely funny name, doesn’t make it.

At S.T.A.R. Labs we enter on Caitlin using the brain device Harry made to allow her to talk to Killer Frost and they’re arguing about her helping Cisco with the metahuman cure. There’s an extremely obvious reason why she’s doing this, but nobody seems to understand until she actually says why later. WIth most metas the superpowers are the only thing being meta gives them, but with Killer Frost her whole self is a byproduct of Caitlin’s metahuman state. If Caitlin isn’t a meta does Killer Frost cease to exist? She certainly thinks so.

Sherloque is also busy translating Nora’s journal. He comes up with the phrase “the timeline is malleable” which we’ll come back to later.

Flash and XS go to fight Cicada with Cisco and Killer Frost, they almost have the upper hand until Killer Frost is forced to turn back to Caitlin to give medical treatment suddenly their meta powerhouse is gone. I really wish that Barry would just call Oliver or one of the Team Arrow guys over to Central City for a couple days to beat Cicada. He’s literally just a normal dude with a magic knife, and Oliver would destroy him.

Speaking of destroying, Cicada takes on XS and breaks her back. This leaves her paralyzed for much of the episode. Barry and Iris are sure her speed healing will kick in and she’ll walk again, but the dark matter in Cicada’s knife is blocking her powers from working. Everyone is very emotional here, with Gustin, Patton, and Kennedy all acting their hearts out. Barry is desperate to find Cicada and take revenge, and they work out that he’s using a CCPD list to find the metas. Cecile and Barry then arrange to get the list metas into federal protective custody and they start rounding them up.

Barry and Killer Frost start doing the rounds collecting up the list metas, with the first one being Norvock. He says he’ll help but he wants to be in front of the line and the first one the feds take out of the city. Meanwhile, Cecile is at the precinct and scans Officer Jones, who we last saw in episode four “News Flash” when Spin took control of him.

Amidst this Sherloque visits Nora in the medical lab, where she learns she can now wiggle her toes. He starts talking to her casually about time travel and the future and eventually asks her to take him to the Flash Museum in 2049. Iris catches him talking to her and immediately twigs that he’s investigating Nora, she tells him to back off and stop. As they argue outside the room they’re interrupted, Nora is stood up and taking tentative steps again.

Ralph and Killer Frost are at the meta criminal bar that Blacksmith used to run her business out of, she explains what we’ve all worked out. She’s worried Caitlin will have a rough day and “cure” herself of her shared life with Killer Frost, effectively killing her. After this she talks to Norvock who explains how he became a meta, apparently, he was trying to help somebody when he got caught in the particle accelerator explosion. Gives him a bit of motivation for why he is the way he is. It’s here where I make a silent bet with myself that he dies by the end of the episode now he’s been humanized.

Cicada gets the location for the meeting point with the Feds and heads them off at the pass. The Feds are coming in with a helicopter and he throws his knife, cutting the landing gear off so that they won’t be able to touch down. Ralph starts stretching people into the chopper and asks them to line up in single file. Norvock is right there at the front, but then he turns around and starts helping everyone behind him. I think to myself here “this dude is so dead.”

Cicada takes away all the metas powers and Flash fights him hand to hand without powers, it’s pretty badass. He seems to be slightly gaining the upper hand and then Killer Frost freezes his dagger. When the dagger is frozen Flash can use his speed and he goes OFF on Cicada. He almost kills him when Nora runs in and begs him to stop. Cicada immediately escapes but it was a very cool fight and a great character moment for Barry and Nora.

The episode is wrapping up here with a few short scenes. Killer Frost and Caitlin can now talk without Harry’s brain gizmo and Caitlin now has a vital ingredient for the meta cure. Sherloque is still investigating Nora despite Iris’ warnings and finds that there are two handwriting styles in the time journal. Barry has a family dinner with Iris and Nora and decides that to stop Cicada he’s going to appeal to his heart and cure his daughter. Cicada has a scrapbook about Team Flash for some reason.

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