‪Upcoming ‘MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE’ Sequels Set Release Dates In 2021 & 2022‬

With the next two installments of the Mission: Impossible franchise being greenlit with Christopher McQuarrie back in the director’s chair, fans have been speculating when the films will be released. After all, it has been confirmed that the two films will be shot back-to-back similarly to the Back to the Future and The Matrix sequels. It turns out that Paramount, the studio behind the Mission: Impossible films, has just announced release dates for McQuarrie’s future outings: July 23, 2021 and August 5, 2022.


This release date falls in line with McQuarrie’s previous Mission: Impossible films, Rogue Nation and Fallout, in that all four entries have release dates between late July and early August. Given the commercial success of McQuarrie’s earlier entries in the franchise, having these next two movies released in a similar time window is a conscious decision on Paramount’s part to maintain the franchise’s profits.

While the cast and crew have yet to be confirmed, Tom Cruise is set to return to produce and star in the upcoming two movies. In addition, Skydance Media will serve as a production company for the films, making this the fourth and fifth time it has produced a Mission: Impossible project.

What do you think about the release dates for the next two Mission: Impossible films? Be sure to tweet your thoughts at @superbromovies and stay tuned for more Mission: Impossible news. – Mark Tan

Source: Deadline

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