Fancasting Matt Reeves’ BATMAN Trilogy

With the recent announcement that Ben Affleck was passing the mantel of the caped crusader to another actor, due to popular demand, here are my fan casts for Matt Reeves’ Future Batman. Reeves’ movie is said to focus on a younger, more detective driven Bruce Wayne in his prime as the caped crusader. R ead More about it here!


I couldn’t decide between two solid candidates for Matt Reeves Bruce Wayne/Batman so you are going to get to see both!


First off, my personal choice is Oliver Jackson Cohen. Oliver was recently featured on the Netflix Smash Hit Horror Series ‘Haunting on Hill House’, where he gave a very quiet, reserved yet powerful performance when playing a haunted x-junkie! Cohen could bring a young intensity to the role of a younger, focused detective Batman.


My Second Choice for Bruce Wayne/Batman is none other than Aaron Taylor Johnson. Johnson is already rumored to be a frontrunner in Reeves’ eyes and has already played two different comic book characters, Kick-Ass in the 2010 Action Comedy directed by Matthew Vaughn and Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron. A stellar actor who would be a great addition to the Batman Mantle!


Colin Firth is an actor who doesn’t need an introduction and I’m genuinely surprised his name hasn’t been thrown out there yet for Alfred Pennyworth. He brings the heart, humor and badassery that is needed for Batman’s star butler. If you don’t believe me, just watch ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ and see for yourself.


Bryan Cranston simply needs to be Commissioner Gordon! He has the acting chops to sell a damaged man, who yet keeps his hope and heart in the right place, even when having to make the tough decisions.


Eiza González, as seen in ‘Baby Driver’, needs to be Catwoman. Period.


Jon Bernthal is the king of showing up in a movie for a few minutes and stealing the show, so why can’t he do that in the next chapter of Batman? Jon could easily pull of the duel personalities of Harvey, the likable charcmismic DA and the angry mobster. His schedule might be clearing up soon too with Netflix rapidly cancelling all the Marvel Netflix Series’.


If Matt Reeves is interested in this shape shifting villain, than why not hire a literal shape shifting actor who he has already worked with. Andy Serkis is hands down, the best motion capture actor we have out there, something that could come in handy with Clayface!


Mr. Freeze and the famous ‘Subzero’ Arc in the hands of Matt Reeves could easily turn into an award winning movie and is in avenue I personally think Reeves should take! Academy Award Nominee Stanely Tucci could bring the tragedy that is Victor Fries to the big screen. Personally i’d take heavy inspiration from Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus in Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man 2’.


Talon and The Court of Owls seem to be a fan favorite choice to show up against Batman in his future saga, and could be a threat spread across multiple films. The Leader of the Talon’s needs to have charisma and a dark side, something I think Henry Golding, recently seen in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, could bring to the table.


Thomas Elliot/Hush is one of Batman’s greatest foes and Tommy’s Revenge against Bruce could bring and intense and beautiful story to the silver screen. I think Sam Clafin is around the right age and could pull off that charisma asshole with a dark side that Tommy truly is, plus I could see him having great chemistry with either of my choices for Batman!

Bonus Round!

Just for fun, because I don’t think either of these villains is going to show up anytime soon, here are my choices for The Riddler and Scarecrow! None other than the incredible Neil Patrick Harris and the newest Freddy Krueger, Jackie Earl Hailee!

Image Via Just Jared


What do you guys think about the fancast? Be sure to tweet at and checkout @SuperBroMovies with your thoughts.

– Parker Batkins

Matt Reeves’ The Batman is set to release on June 25th, 2021

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