RUMOR: Damon Vance May Be Playing Mothman On HBO’s ‘WATCHMEN’

For comic fans, HBO’s upcoming Watchmen adaptation is one of 2019’s most anticipated TV series. With a promise of a present-day take on the story and characters, there’s no telling where it can go. And yet with the show’s premiere so close at hand its odd that we have yet to have any concrete casting news. Continuing with this trend, a new rumor has hinted at the casting of a classic Minuteman on the show.

According to a new rumor regarding HBO’s Watchmen, the series will feature a classic Minutemen member, Mothman. Damon Vance, who appeared in the web series Cobra Kai, is rumored to star as Mothman.

While this rumor is interesting we should still take it with a grain of salt until further confirmation from HBO. Nonetheless, the prospect of seeing the Minutemen and Watchmen appear in a new medium is exciting. And if you would like to stay up to date on any further news from the series make sure to check out SuperBroMovies.

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Source: Twitter


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