‘BATWOMAN’ Casts Rachel Skarsten As Joker-Esque Nemesis Alice

We are getting another small screen version of Gotham City and it’s inhabitants. So far, Batwoman has done a good job of filling itself out with C-list characters that still generate good buzz. Just as fellow CW show Supergirl, there are many worthwhile characters and concepts to mine. Today, we’ve learned that Batwoman Seaso  1 has it’s villain.


Rachel Skarsten (Reign) will star as Batwoman’s arch enemy Alice. Painted up in white, with red lipstick, the evocation of Joker is apparent. The character’s first appearance was in Detective Comics #854 in August, 2009. She is the leader of her own “Wonderland Gang.” Her personality is described as “swinging unpredictably between maniacal and charming, Alice has made it her mission to undermine Gotham’s sense of security.” Interestingly, Skarsten played Black Canary in 2002s Birds of Prey television show.

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Source: Deadline

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