‘AVENGERS: ENDGAME’ Merchandise Reveals New Look At Captain America & Iron Man In Quantum Realm Suits

Tons of new Avengers: Endgame merchandise and leaked art have flooded the internet in the past couple months revealing things the marketing has yet to show. A major reveal of the leaks has been the Quantum Realm suits our heroes will be donning in their mission to reverse Thanos’ effects on the universe. Newly revealed toys from Hasbro give us our best look yet at Iron Man and Captain America in their Quantum Realm suits as well as show a new look at Captain Marvel merchandise in the film.

The figures reveal the two heroes in their matching uniforms and give a brief description along with concept art on the back of the boxes.

Other than being a better look at the new suits, these figures don’t reveal anything we didn’t already know due to their vague descriptions on the back. They do, however, give us great art of the heroes that we haven’t seen before.

The third figure shown in the slideshow is our first Captain Marvel figure for the movie. This also doesn’t reveal anything new as she looks to be wearing the same suit from her movie set in the 90s. At this point, we haven’t seen her in a matching Quantum Realm suit, so there’s a chance she may not be undergoing the same adventures the rest of the heroes go on.

What are your thoughts on these new figures? Are you excited to see these highly anticipated suits on the big screen in April? Let us know in the comments below!

Caleb Sadd

Source: Instagram

Avengers: Endgame releases in theaters on April 26th, 2019.

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