‘STAR TREK’ Animated Show In The Works For Nickelodeon

The Star Trek renaissance continues to grow. The franchise has seen a revitalization on streaming platform CBS All Access since it’s flagship show Star Trek: Discovery premiered in Fall 2017. Since then Alex Kurtzman, writer/producer of the recent films, has confirmed three more series. A next generation sequel series starring Patrick Stewart’s Picard, a spinoff Section 31, and an adult animated comedy Lower Decks. Kurtzman is also just now announcing another animated show aimed at a difference audience on a different platform.


Nickelodeon is in talks with Kurtzman to create an animated show for their network. Emmy-winning writers Kevin and Dan Hageman (Trollhunters, Ninjago) would help pen the show. This would be the first Star Trek series to air off of CBS or it’s streaming service. Details are slim such as time period, plot, or characters. But Kurtzman did say that they wanted to use “different technology” and make sure “visually they’re entirely different.”

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Source: THR


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