New Hulu Arrivals For Late February

Welcome back everyone! We have a list of new arrivals on Hulu for late February including an Elvis All-Star Tribute Special as well as, winner of the U.S Documentary Special Jury Award for Storytelling at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, Three Identical Strangers. Be sure to check out all of the new arrivals below!

TV Shows

February 16th:

  • Proven Innocent (Series Premiere, FOX)

February 18th:

  • Elvis All-Star Tribute (Special, NBC)

Image result for elvis all star tribute 2019

February 20th:

  • Stan Against Evil (Season 3, IFC)

February 25th:

  • Archer: Danger Island (Season 9, FX)

February 26th:

  • The Enemy Within (Series Premiere, NBC)
  • The Voice (Season 16 Premiere, NBC)

Image result for enemy within series premiere

February 27th:

  • World of Dance (Season 3 Premiere, NBC)



February 16th:

  • Next (2007)

February 17th:

  • The Party (2018)

Image result for the party 2018


February 18th:

  • The Sisters Brothers (2018)

February 23rd:

  • Death Wish (2018)

February 25th:

  • Every Day (2018)
  • The School (2018)

February 26th:

  • Three Identical Strangers (2018)

Image result for three identical strangers


February 27th:

  • Tickled (2016)

February 28th:

  • Digging for Fire (2015)
  • The Guilty (2018)


Let us know which shows/movies you are excited to watch at SuperBroMovies on twitter! – Joshua Wilkson

Source: Vulture



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