Author: Cole Hickey

‘STAR TREK’ Animated Show In The Works For Nickelodeon

The Star Trek renaissance continues to grow. The franchise has seen a revitalization on streaming platform CBS All Access since it’s flagship show Star Trek: Discovery premiered in Fall 2017. Since then Alex Kurtzman, writer/producer of the recent films, has confirmed three more series. A next generation sequel series starring Patrick Stewart’s Picard, a spinoff Section 31, and

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‘BATWOMAN’ Casts Rachel Skarsten As Joker-Esque Nemesis Alice

We are getting another small screen version of Gotham City and it’s inhabitants. So far, Batwoman has done a good job of filling itself out with C-list characters that still generate good buzz. Just as fellow CW show Supergirl, there are many worthwhile characters and concepts to mine. Today, we’ve learned that Batwoman Seaso  1 has it’s villain.

‘UPGRADE’ Director Leigh Whannell To Helm ‘THE INVISIBLE MAN’ Reboot; Jason Blum To Produce

The classic Universal monster is getting a reboot as well as the studio’s plans for all their horror properties going forward. After The Mummy failed to generate enough fan buzz or money, Universal has decided to go with a more auteur focused path for it’s films. It’s saying they are not going for an interconnected universe,

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‘BATWOMAN’ Casts BATWING & Two Other Major Characters

The CW’s small screen version of Gotham is taking three new members under it’s wing. Fans of the animated movie Batman: Bad Blood know that after Batman’s disappearance, not only did Batwoman emerge, but so did Batwing. Alongside the casting of this character, Kate Kane’s former lover and step-sister have also been cast. Camrus Johnson (Luke Cage),

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Christopher McQuarrie Passed On Directing DC Films For Next Two ‘MISSION IMPOSSIBLE’ Movies

The news broke today that Rogue Nation and Fallout director, Christopher McQuarrie, was returning for two more Mission Impossible films.  The Tom Cruise fronted franchise has been a stable earner for Paramount. The duo of Cruise and McQuarrie has been long rumored to be working together again in the future on DC’s Green Lantern Corps, with Tom Cruise as Hal Jordan.

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‘BLACK MIRROR: BANDERSNATCH’ Review: “An Unmissable Technical Achievement, Marred Only By A Few Narrative Missteps”

Just as the new standalone Black Mirror film Bandersnatch begins with an advisory, so too does this review. Do not come out of this piece trying to peg the film as good or bad in some binary way. If you need a recommendation, then mine would be “Fuck yes! Go watch it now.” Almost every person will have a

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