Author: Jeffery Bolton

‘DEADPOOL 2’ Director David Leitch Was Inspired By ‘Final Destination’ In Crafting Visuals Of Domino’s Powers

Everyone knows Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Gray, and Deadpool obviously is becoming bigger by the chimichanga. Deadpool 2 will be introducing us to new characters not seen on screen. One of these characters “Domino” played by the talented Zazie Beetz(Atlanta) always seem to have luck on her side. Being able to alter events always in her

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Two Major MCU Heroes Reunited On An Early Draft Of ‘INFINITY WAR’‬

The Russo Brothers did not disappoint with their recent release Avengers: Infinity War already reaching $1 billion dollars. Now while this movie included a large array of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, some minor and major characters didn’t get the chance to interact due to Thanos snatching and grabbing the Infinity Stones so quick. Two major characters that

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