Author: Kenneth Colon

‘Wonder Woman’ becomes highest grossing superhero origin film

‘Wonder Woman’ has become the highest grossing superhero origin film ever (well sort of). ‘Wonder Woman’ has just passed the original ‘Spider-Man’ film as the highest grossing superhero origin film ever. It’s important to note that this feat is without considering inflation, where ‘Spider-Man’ still ranks very highly and where ‘Wonder Woman’ still trails by

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New ‘Jessica Jones’ Set Photos Feature David Tennant as Kilgrave

It was reported earlier this week that David Tennant was returning to reprise his role as Kilgrave in Jessica Jones season 2.  Twitter user @Dxvid616 has shared some new set photos showing Kilgrave shadowing some of the series’s  characters. Holy F***! — David ⚡️ (@SniktAndThwip) August 16, 2017 Kilgrave still in Jessica and Malcolm's minds?

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Kiersey Clemons talks ‘FLASHPOINT’ and her role in ‘Justice League’

The now titled Flash film, ‘Flashpoint’, has had its fair share of production issues. Those range from multiple directors exiting to re-writes, but if one thing is for sure is that Iris West will be portrayed by Kiersey Clemons. In a recent interview with, Clemons was asked about her participation in the ‘Justice League’ reshoots,

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