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COMICS: ‘Batman is NOT a Metahuman’ says Scott Snyder

WARNING: SPOILERS FOR SUICIDE SQUAD #22   Yesterday comic fans discovered after reading their latest issue of Suicide Squad that Batman could actually be a metahuman, or at least in the eyes of ARGUS and Amanda Waller, fans were in outrage saying that it completely ruins the character of Batman if you make him a

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New ‘Justice League’ and ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Trailers Possibly Attached To The Theatrical Release Of ‘Dunkirk’

In the tweet under, you could see that `Blade Runner 2049` and `Justice League trailers are attached to Dunkirk, the picture was posted in a tweet by Irish Film Institute. Here is the tweet that confirmed the trailers attached However, it’s unknown at this time whether new or old trailers. It seems like we

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